Took the little Dizzer out for a nice Sunday ride and decided to put the ‘tard to work off road. About 3 miles of ATV trails cut through the woods, some wider spots, some single track. The terrain ranged from sand (may as well have been ice), rock, a little mud, and packed dirt/gravel. Considering the shape of my rear tire, the bike handled it well.

I had trouble convincing myself to twist enough throttle in to get over the rocky areas. This portion was not cut out by other vehicles, which made picking a line difficult. A lot of feathering the clutch was used trying to keep momentum up over some larger rock. Also went up some nice hills and through some tight technical areas.

It felt great to get off the pavement for a bit, and by the end of the day I felt like my riding skills and confidence had improved. Feeling the rear slip and slide underneath forced me to learn how to balance the throttle in order to keep the bike upright while digging out of some tough stuff.

Aw, she looks shy. This is the entrance to some fire roads which were the last stop of the day
The poor girl just escaped my poor riding skills piloting her over rocky terrain


Nearly bald Shinko rear getting the job done
A nice place to stop and catch my breath