Besides commuting nearly everyday on the DRZ I have also managed to squeeze in a few fun rides in the past couple of weeks.

Met up with another local DRZ owner and we did a loop to the Bridge and around to 301 all the way to route 52. Some really awesome roads and always great scenery. It was an absolutely perfect riding day and even traffic cooperated for the most part. No time to stop and take pics along the route unfortunately.

Next up I took a local trip down some routes I’ve never been down before near the reservoir area. I wound up under the Taconic bridges, in some private dirt roads, over the top of the Taconic, and a bunch of places in between. Some really cool stuff basically in my backyard.


I found a baseball field that was chained up and fenced off for some reason. It had been mowed recently, but didn’t appear to have been used. It doesn’t show up as an official field of the town so I have no idea who it belongs to. Needless to say, Supermotos can squeeze behind fence posts that only border wilderness. I slipped in and had some goofy moments going around and trying to back it in around the bases. No pics of this area because I’m dumb.